Our volunteers and employees have been hard at work in the Maple lot. Over time, some of our gravestones from the 1800s have been knocked over by tree roots, and weathered with time. To fix that, we excavated the area, then poured a new concrete foundation before placing the headstones back in their original position. Once they were in place, our dedicated volunteer, Christine Norton, once again carefully cleaned the stones. Their hard work has really paid off, thank you for all you do!

Fallen headstones with a cut down brush disturbing their base

These tree roots had knocked over the 1800s headstones and displaced them over time.


Two men pull up the roots of a large bush that is stuck under headstones

Cedar Grove Cemetery employees work to remove the tree roots that disrupted the 1800s gravestones.


A new set of concrete footers with levels checking that they are level.

The new concrete footers.

The bucket of an excavator hangs in the air as two men move headstones in the background

Cedar Grove Cemetery employees work to align the headstones with the new concrete footer.


A woman squats next to headstone and cleans it with a scrub brush

Volunteer Christine Norton works on restoring one of the antique gravestones.


Five gravestones are placed back in place on a new concrete footing.

Five fully restored headstones from the 1800s.