Cedar Grove Cemetery is always looking for new ways to support those who come to keep their loved ones’ memorials cared for and tended. We are happy to announce that we have built new work tables at water stations throughout the grounds. These tables will provide a sturdy place for folks to fill their water containers while trying to blend in with their surroundings. Take a look at these photos of some of the new water tables! The ones pictured are near the Gilman Chapel, the waterfall, the cemetery office, Section 30, and the crypts.

There are five water tables in all. Three are located on the cemetery office side of the bridge: by the cemetery office, Gilman Chapel, and the waterfall. Two additional water tables are located on the other side of the bridge: at the Baker Chocolate Veterans Monument and by the crypts. Additionally, there are several other water faucets with hoses throughout the cemetery grounds.

Water table in front of Gilman Chapel

Water table by waterfall

Water table near cemetery office

Water table by the Baker Chocolate Factory Veterans Monument

Water table by the crypts