Our cemetery superintendent, Sid Sibley, has been hard at work preserving some of our marble headstones in the Meins Lot, which has not only one of the largest monuments in the cemetery, but also several smaller family stones. Starting on August 3, he applied a biological cleaner to one family’s marble headstone. As you can see, it started to make a difference by the time of the second photo, taken on August 23, and then a noticeable change by the final photo taken on September 15!

Original headstone with moss and the date August 3 at the top and the Cedar Grove Cemetery logo at bottom

Partially restored headstone with the date August 23 at top and the Cedar Grove Cemetery logo at bottomFully restored headstone with the date September 15 at the top and the Cedar Grove Cemetery logo at bottom






We will be training other volunteers on how to use this biological cleaner to restore some of our marble markers. This Thursday, September 22 at 10AM we will be hosting a training session on the cleaning process. Join us at the Meins Lot to learn more about this preservation process. After the training, contact the main office and we will provide volunteers with a cleaning kit any time they would like to work on cleaning an historic stone.

While the cemetery is always a quiet place, you’ll find that walking and working among the stones is a different experience. We hope to see you on Thursday morning. Join us for the training, and some light refreshments. Please call the office at 617-825-1360 to RSVP.