THE TRUSTEES OF CEDAR GROVE CEMETERY have received many requests in recent years to create new ways for you to memorialize your loved ones through Sponsorships. Please see the options detailed below, and if you are interested, please contact us or call the office at 617-825-1360 for further information on Sponsorships at Cedar Grove Cemetery.

For additional ways to give, see also Donations.

Cedar Grove Cemetery - Sponsor the Koi Pond

The Koi Pond

Sponsor the Koi Pond at Cedar Grove Cemetery

Cedar Grove Cemetery - Sponsor the Flower Beds

The Flower Beds

Sponsor the Flower Beds at Cedar Grove Cemetery

Cedar Grove Cemetery - Sponsor the Water Feature

The Water Feature

Sponsor the Water Feature at Cedar Grove Cemetery

Inspiration from You

AS CUSTODIANS OF THIS treasured place in history and in our lives, we welcome your suggestions and ideas regarding other kinds of Sponsorships that could be initiated for the current and future care of the Cedar Grove Cemetery. Our entire community is involved with and enriched by the presence of the Cemetery, and we look to you for further ways we can preserve and enhance this space for the joy and contemplation of all who come here.

If you are interested in making suggestions to us regarding Sponsorships, you are encouraged to call our office at 617-825-1360, stop by the Cemetery office, or contact us.