Adopt a Grave

NEW IN 2022, Cedar Grove Cemetery is introducing our Adopt a Grave spring gravesite plantings. Maybe your neighbor’s grave needs sprucing up, or you have a favorite monument in the Cemetery that you would like to see decorated with flowers. If so, consider the Adopt a Grave program! The plantings consist of a flower bed of geraniums and a combination of border plants. In general, these plantings stay looking nice into the autumn season, and the planting bed sizes are available as 12 by 24 inch or 12 by 36 inch flower beds.

You are welcome to stop by, contact us, or call our office at 617-825-1360 for more details about the Adopt a Grave program.

We recommend that you order your Adopt a Grave Spring Planting on or before May 1st.

Cedar Grove Cemetery Spring Plantings

A flower bed of red geraniums graces your adopted grave well into the autumn season.